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Where does the money go?

Our primary role as a fundraising event is to raise funds for the Red Cross. Our team is composed of enthusiastic volunteers who receive no payment, and the only expenses incurred are related to necessary rentals, equipment hire, and advertising costs. All proceeds are used to fund specific WA Red Cross programs and equipment.

In 2022, Bindaring provided a generous sum of $85,000 to establish an Emergency Services vehicle. This vehicle is primarily utilized for emergency response and is repurposed to provide education and training on preparedness and resilience in local communities. Bindaring also funded the Great Southern Preparedness and Resilience Program, which involves working with the community to develop recovery plans, providing psychological first aid and recovery awareness training, engaging children and young people through the pillowcase program, and developing positive relationships with other Emergency Service groups such as the DFES Bushfire Ready Program.

2022 Emergency Services Vehicle

2022 Pillowslip Program

2019 Soup Patrol Van

Red Cross Soup Patrol has been providing hot soup 365 days of the year to the those in need in the Perth and Fremantle area for 49 years. In 2019, Bindaring purchased a new vehicle to keep the soup flowing. This van is in need of updating so Bindaring have pledged to purchase a food truck in 2024.

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