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Join the Bindaring team and volunteer for a great cause!

The Bindaring Clothing Sale brings like-minded people together, forges lifelong friendships, and makes a difference by raising funds for Australian Red Cross. We're especially proud that the funds we raise stay right here in WA, supporting important local programs.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated, and we're thankful for whatever time you can spare.

We're the ultimate treasure hunters of clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. We collect donations from our generous local community either by door to door pick up or at our donation drop off days. Next, we sort through and give everything a once-over to check for any spots that need cleaning or stitches that need fixing, making sure each item is in tip-top shape for its new home.

Any special skills or age requirements?

No special talents needed! We welcome any age over 15 yrs. Plus, we offer a certificate of attendance for your CV. Non-native English speakers, this is your chance to practice your conversation skills in a welcoming environment.

What are the jobs that need doing?

We have a donation pick-up service in place, and also host three donation drop-offs every year.


We're on the lookout for volunteers who can help out in this capacity by driving to pick up the donations and giving a hand at our donation days.

You could also organise your own donation drive in your street, local club, school or community centre.

Volunteers for the Bindaring Charity Clothing Sale

What can I expect as a new volunteer?

You will receive an induction at your first visit, and you will be buddied with an experienced volunteer who will teach you the sorting and handling system or your role if you are working in one of the specialty areas e.g., Emporium. Our volunteer support team will be easily identified as they wear high visibility jackets, so if you are not sure you can always ask them for help.

Ready to lend a helping hand? How do you get started with signing up to volunteer?

For further info email Althea or give her a call on 0435 244919.


We look forward to hearing from you!

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